Our Story


Track Girls are Fast. They are world-class athletes in the sport of Track and Field. Track Girls are Fit. They are world-class active healthy living ambassadors. Track Girls are Fly. They are world-class ladies and role models. 

TrackGirlz® is more than a clothing company; it’s a lifestyle and a movement. TrackGirlz is a lifestyle and apparel brand promoting style, community, culture, and healthy lifestyles through the lens of track and field women and girls. The global “Track Girl” culture already.  If you are a female actively competing in the sport, you are called a Track Girl – no matter if you run, jump, or throw.  And, once a Track Girl, always a Track Girl.  It’s a community and sisterhood of powerful women and girls who compete or competed in the sport and live the lifestyle of being confident in their skin, embrace their femininity and their strength, and are competitors both on and off the track and field.

Track Girls don’t just look the part, they know what the work really looks like and what it feels like.

They are authentic role models. Younger girls, particularly those in high school, neither see the full potential of their success in the sport of track and field nor have highly visible sport specific role models. A pervasive example of this is how in this year’s ESPN ESPY Awards, world-class track and field athletes continue to not get recognized, including Lauryn Williams who in 2014 became the first American women to ever win medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Yet, for women and girls, track and field is the highest participatory sport in college, high school, and junior high school.

Noticing this trend while competing as a professional track and field athlete and Olympian, founder Mechelle Lewis Freeman decided to provide a tangible way to share the culture of the sport and the women and girls involved, including high school, college, and elite athletes. She created TrackGirlz as a platform to share their stories and their life changing experiences brought through the sport to breath life into this community and expose the powerful positive influence of these ladies.

TrackGirlz has a social cause at its core. We want all women and girls to have the opportunity to be empowered through the sport of track & field.A percentage of all profits generated from TrackGirlz apparel and accessories will be given directly to our local and national “giving partners”– nonprofit organizations and companies who specifically earmark funds towards resources for track and field women and girls’ professional and personal development and to enable their participation in the sport to experience benefits, including:

  • Higher Education
  • Racial Diversity
  • A sport that caters to multiple body types and disabilities
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Community Service
  • Character Development (Confidence, Leadership, Setting and Achieving Goals)
  • Healthy Lifestyles

Through TrackGirlz we aim to provide a shared brand that fills in the gap for the lack of media exposure and the needed support of women and girls of track and field while also bridging the gap between fans, supporters, competitive athletes, and everyday core runners. Through TrackGirlz we aim to enable track and field women and girls to become more valuable as positive examples and influencers for all women and girls.